SiriusXM for Business

You’re passionate about your products, your services, your customers and your business, and want to create the best customer experience possible. Music is a key element that can help create the perfect environment for your space.

Why is music important for your business?

  • Playing the right music in your business encourages customers to stay longer
  • Music played in your business affects customers’ opinions of your brand
  • Music enhances well being of employees in the workplace

Retail Council of New York State – Preferred Pricing

  • Monthly Service Fee:  $24.95 / month
  • Hardware Cost: $175.00
    (Waived for Retail Council members if paying for 6 months of service up-front)
  • Activation Fee: Waived – $0
SiriusXM for Business from PlayNetwork

SiriusXM for Business provides subscribers with 90 commercial-free channels that delivers endless variety, exclusive content original and rare formats, as well as live performances. You can choose from streaming or satellite service packages that offer plug-and-play installation and work with the majority of amplifiers and audio systems. If you do not have an existing audio system, give us a call. We would be happy to help find the equipment that will work best for you.

To get started today, contact: PlayNetwork SiriusXM Sales | P: (866) 596-7044 | E:

The importance of properly licensed music: Did you know that when you purchase a song on iTunes, or stream music on Spotify, you are only paying for the rights to personal use? There are defined rules that U.S. copyright law and licensing organizations have established to ensure proper compensation is delivered to rights holders and labels, and it’s your responsibility as the business owner to ensure you’re in compliance.

The package offered by PlayNetwork is fully compliant with music licensing copyright laws and royalty fees, meaning that you have one less thing to worry about as you run your business. If you would like to learn more about licensing music for business, download our free guide: Music Licensing for Business: Simplified.