Merchant Services

You need payment processing solutions tailored to your business. We’ve got them — and we do the legwork for you. Whether you want to simplify your business operations with all-inclusive software or create a website with integrated payment solutions, we have the in-house expertise to meet your needs.

Talk to us about how we can help streamline your business operations. When you contact the Retail Council, you get a real person and one-on-one support. Call Michele Coons at (518) 465-3586 or send her an email. We’re here to help.

The Right Payment Solutions for Your Business

Let us help you accept payments every way you do business — in person or online. Industry partners include Global Payments, TSYS and CardConnect, allowing us to find the right solution for any company. Our comprehensive suite of products includes:

Mobile Apps

Turn any Android, Apple or Fire device into a credit card terminal with an affordable Bluetooth reader. Mobile apps handle basic inventory functions, calculate sales tax and allow you to text or email receipts, and an optional tip adjust function is perfect for restaurants and cafes. Our training and support will get you up and running quickly and with ease.​

Wi-Fi, Wireless, and Virtual Terminals

Our user-friendly Wi-Fi and wireless solutions interface with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection or a 4G data connection, perfect for curbside transactions. Or, turn your PC into a credit card terminal by using our virtual terminal, offering safe, compliant storage of credit card numbers for recurring transactions.


Eliminate credit card processing fees by passing them along to your customers. For a no-fee option, customers can pay with a debit card or cash. Our compliant program is friendly to both buyer and seller. 

E-commerce and Gateway Integrations

Gateway integrations like allow your website or software to seamlessly integrate with your payments, including electronic checks, mobile payments and phone payments.


Let the Retail Council find the perfect app or desktop-based invoicing solution for your business. Using a hosted payments page, you can handle recurring transactions with ease.

QuickBooks integration is coming soon!


Get started with a simple option to accept ACH payments on your website via a hosted payments page or an online shopping cart.

  Being a member of the Retail Council has been incredibly beneficial to my business. They give us invaluable service and support — and The Record Archive is fortunate to have such an amazing staff working on our behalf.

Alayna Alderman, Owner, Record Archive

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the Retail Council been administering a merchant services program for members?

The Retail Council has been administering a merchant services program to retailers and other businesses in New York State for more than 30 years, with an annual transaction volume of more than $300 million.

What role does the Retail Council play in card processing?

The Retail Council has negotiated favorable rates with some of the world’s largest transaction processors to provide merchant services for our members. Your contract for these services is generated by the transaction processor.

While the Retail Council does not directly process card payments, we employ processing experts who can assist you with any question or problem. When you call us, you speak with a real person who will quickly get you the answers you need. We also actively monitor your account and look for other ways to help you save on your processing costs.*

*The Retail Council will report detected errors or unknown charges to you but makes no warranty or representation that all errors or unknown charges will be detected.

What is Retail Council Services Corp.?

Retail Council Services Corp. (RCSC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Retail Council of New York State and administers the Merchant Services Program on the Retail Council’s behalf. Members of the program receive correspondence from RCSC.

Do I need special equipment to process card transactions?

Most businesses use electronic draft capture equipment to process card sales. If you need to purchase or rent this equipment, you can do so at members-only discount prices through the Retail Council.

How much will I pay for merchant services?

There are many variables that determine what you ultimately pay for merchant services. As a starting point, your discount rate is based on your average sales. As a member of the Retail Council, you get many fees charged by banks and processors waived. To learn more or get a free quote, call (518) 465-3586.

When will my sales be credited to my checking account?

Sales are credited directly to your checking account via ACH (Automated Clearing House) within two business days.

When are processing fees taken from my checking account? Will I receive a statement about account activity?

Processing fees and a modest service charge are automatically deducted from your checking account at the end of each month. A statement reflecting account activity will be sent to you by the middle of the following month from your processor.

Will I need to change banks to process payments through the Retail Council?

No. We will use the bank of your choice to deposit your sales.

Is a contract required?

No matter who provides your credit card processing services, you will be asked to sign a contract, commonly referred to as a Merchant Agreement. The Merchant Agreement outlines the fees for service and the rights and responsibilities of both you and your processor. The majority of the Retail Council’s contracts are for one year.

What is PCI DSS, and do I need to be compliant?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is designed to protect businesses and their customers against payment card theft and fraud. All merchants who accept credit cards are required to comply with PCI DSS. View a compliance checklist here.

Do Retail Council members get discounted terminal receipt paper?

Yes. Call us at (518) 465-3586 to arrange an order.


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