Credit Card Processing FAQ

I’m a Retail Council of New York State processing program participant. Where do I get credit card processing terminal receipt paper and supplies?

Council credit card processing program participants get discounted terminal receipt paper. Just call Global Payments Direct, Inc. at (800) 367-2638 to order your supplies. Program participants will need to supply their processing account number for verification and to ensure they get the discount for their paper order.

Must I be a member of the Council to participate in the Credit Card Processing Program?

Yes, you must be a dues-paying member of the Retail Council to participate in the Credit Card Processing Program. The nominal dues payment you make is returned to you many times over in the savings you’ll reap from our competitive credit card processing program.

How long has the Retail Council been administering a credit card processing program for members?

Your credit card processing will be in excellent hands. The Retail Council has been administering a credit card processing program to retailers and other businesses in New York State for 30 years. With an annual transaction volume of more than $300 million, the Council is a major force in the processing market.

What is Global Payments Direct, Inc. and what role do they play in my credit card processing?

Global Payments is one of the world’s largest transaction processors. The Council has negotiated favorable rates/fees with Global Payments to provide processing services for our members. Your contract (called the Merchant Agreement) for these services is with Global Payments.

Although Global Payments processes the credit card transactions, the Council employs processing experts who can assist you no matter what the question or problem. There are no automated telephone systems here – you’ll speak with a real person who will quickly get you the assistance you need. This type of service is unparalleled in the credit card processing industry.

The Council actively monitors your account to ensure that you are getting the deal you were promised and looks for other ways to help you save on your processing costs.†

What is Retail Council Services Corp.?

Retail Council Services Corp. (RCSC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Retail Council of New York State and administers the Credit Card Processing Program on the Council’s behalf. If you join the Credit Card Processing Program, you’ll receive correspondence from Retail Council Services Corp. Rest easy…the Council and Services Corp. share the same staff, the same address and the same telephone number. From a service perspective, you can consider your trade association and RCSC one in the same.

Do I need special equipment to process credit/debit card transactions?

These days, most businesses use electronic draft capture equipment to process credit/debit card sales. If you need to purchase or rent this equipment, you can do so at members-only discount prices through the Retail Council. If you already own equipment, in most cases, it can be reprogrammed for compatibility with Global Payment’s processing services for just $25.

How much will I pay for credit card processing services?

There are many variables that determine what you ultimately pay for credit card processing. As a starting point, your discount rate is based upon your average monthly ticket (your average sale dollar amount). The discount rate is a percentage of each transaction you pay for processing services.

In addition to the discount rate, there are a variety of fees charged by banks and processors for credit card service. As a member of the Retail Council, you get many of these fees waived.

To qualify for the lowest rate possible, keep in mind that you must authorize 100% of credit/debit card sales on our terminal system. You must also perform a terminal summary (batch out) each day.

When will my sales be credited to my checking account?

Sales are credited directly to your checking account via ACH (Automated Clearing House) after approximately two days.

When are processing fees taken from my checking account? Will I receive a statement about account activity?

Processing fees and a modest service charge are automatically deducted from your checking account at the end of each month. A statement reflecting account activity will be sent to you by the middle of the following month from Global Payments.

Will I need to change banks to process with Global Payments through the Retail Council?

Absolutely not. We’ll use the bank of your choice to deposit your sales.

You mentioned a contract earlier. Can I leave this program at any time without penalty?

No matter who provides your credit card processing services, you will be asked to sign a contract, commonly referred to as a Merchant Agreement. The Merchant Agreement outlines the fees for service and the rights and responsibilities of both you and Global Payments Direct, Inc. The majority of the Council’s contracts are for one year.

What is PCI-DSS?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) are a set of standards developed by the payment card industry (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB) to protect cardholder data from being stolen and used for fraudulent purchases or identity theft. All merchants who accept credit cards are required to comply with PCI-DSS.

Visit the PCI Security Standards PCI-DSS Web page for more information and to learn what you should do to be in compliance. You can also get PCI-DSS self-evaluation forms and other helpful information on our site.

† The Retail Council will report detected errors or unknown charges to you but makes no warranty or representation that all errors or unknown charges will be detected.