What is the Retail Council of New York State?

First incorporated in 1931 by a group of New York retailers looking to combine interests and leverage strengths, the Retail Council of New York State is New York’s largest statewide retail trade association. With headquarters just one block from New York’s Capitol and legislative offices, the Council serves the needs of merchants, professionals and other providers of goods and services across the state. Our members take advantage of a wide range of money-saving programs including:

The “Voice of Retailing” in New York, the Council also represents the interests of our members before the state Legislature and government agencies.

Our members consider us an information resource and find great value relying on our experts when they need us. Questions about New York State law, insurance of any type, credit card processing and more can be answered by our staff. If we don’t have the answer we’re typically able to direct members to another resource.

The Retail Council of New York State is committed to your success. Call (800) 442-3589 to learn more about any of our money-saving programs.


How many stores does the Retail Council of New York State represent?

The Council represents nearly 5,000 stores ranging in size from sole proprietor businesses to national retail chains throughout the Empire State.


Can the Retail Council of New York State help me get a voice in state government?

The Council has a strong government relations team with years of experience who monitor hundreds of bills on a variety of issues that could affect merchants every year. Council members participate in shaping our agenda and stay informed through our newsletters and legislative email updates for those who choose to receive them.


How much are Retail Council of New York State dues?

Council dues are based on the member’s annual sales volume and start as low as $100 annually. Council dues for participants in the Council’s Workers’ Compensation Program is either 10% of their dividend or based upon their annual sales volume – whichever is greater.


When are dues collected?

Retail Council of New York State members receive an invoice each membership year in the month they originally joined.


When are the Council’s hours of operation?

Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.


Where is the Retail Council of New York State office located?

We are located at 258 State Street in Albany, NY, just steps away from the New York State Capitol Building. If you have a meeting at the Council, please call ahead to arrange parking.