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Social Media Marketing – Creating a Chorus to Amplify Your Message

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Paul Gillin, Writer and Social Media Coach, Profitecture

Learn the basics of Social Media Marketing with more in-depth tips and tricks for effectively leveraging your own subject matter expertise in social channels. Paul will cover questions that include:

1) How has social media become a major factor in driving business results?
2) What are the major social channels and how do they work?
3) What factors should you consider in choosing them for your business? Who should be involved?
4) What are the resource/cost tradeoffs?

Paul Gillin Paul Gillin - Paul Gillin is a writer, speaker, online marketing consultant and social media coach with Profitecture. Since 2005, he has helped business-to-business marketers at companies of all sizes and in many industries use social media and quality content to reach and engage with customers. He is also a prolific writer who has published more than 200 articles on the subject of new media. His books include The New Influencers (2007), Secrets of Social Media Marketing (2008), The Joy of Geocaching (2010), Social Marketing to the Business Customer (2011) and  Attack of the Customers (2013). He has written the monthly New Channels column for BtoB magazine since 2006. Paul is a veteran technology journalist with more than 25 years of editorial leadership experience. His website is and he blogs at and Newspaper Death Watch.