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Millions returned to Retail Council members

37th consecutive dividend for Workers’ Compensation Safety Group 493 declared

The Retail Council in November distributed more than $3 million in dividend checks to members in the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Safety Group 493. The money represents 25 percent of the insurance premium paid in 2014 by the more than 900 members in the program.

Dividend checks were mailed by the New York State Insurance Fund directly to participants. The Council has averaged a workers’ comp dividend of 37 percent to participating members for the past 37 years returning more than $100 million since 1978. The steady dividend history makes the Retail Council’s Safety Group, one of the oldest in New York state, also one of the most successful and secure.

In addition to the dividend, the Council’s Safety Group offers an up-front policy discount for eligible members of 20 percent. Members of the Retail Council’s Safety Group 493 also pay a lower New York state assessment than do customers of all other private insurance carriers.

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