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Notes from NYSIF – Workers’ comp insurance tips

Retail Council members should be aware of these workers’ compensation insurance regulations (among many others), which apply to all carriers including the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF):

Unpaid relatives must be covered

All unpaid relatives working for your business are covered under workers’ compensation law. Relatives cannot waive their rights to be covered. NYSIF will assign payroll and bill based on comparable wages and classifications of non-relatives working in the business.

Responsibility for uninsured contractors

Avoid liability and higher premiums. Be sure to obtain original certificates of workers’ compensation insurance coverage from subcontractors before work is started. If you don’t have proof of a subcontractor’s insurance, you are responsible for their coverage.            

  • Certificate validation protects you and fights fraud by denying dishonest contractors an unfair competitive advantage.
  • Retain a certificate in your files for each subcontractor for review by NYSIF auditors.
  • Log onto and locate Validate a Certificate to verify the certificate of any NYSIF-insured subcontractor is in effect.

Do you have questions about these topics or any other workers’ compensation issue? Contact the Council’s Insurance Services Manager Virginia Hitchcock for assistance at (800) 442-3589.

Source: NYSIF brochure “Make Audits Work For You

Workers' Compensation Insurance FAQs