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Notification concerning workers’ comp pharmacy benefits

Retail Council members who participate in Workers’ Compensation Safety Group 493 received mail from the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) in late November concerning pharmacy benefits for employees injured on the job. A copy of the Notification Concerning Workers’ Compensation Pharmacy Benefits should have been distributed to each employee and posted in a prominent location in your business. The notification explains to employees how to obtain medication for a work related injury or illness.

Accompanying the notice was a letter to policyholders and a copy of the “Workers’ Compensation Temporary Prescription Services ID” form. The letter explained the notification requirement and how to fill out the ID form, which employees will need to get medication from a participating Express Scripts Inc. pharmacy.

To obtain an electronic version of these documents, log into your online account at You may also receive copies of the forms and have your questions answered by calling Virginia, Ken or Nicholl in the Retail Council’s Insurance Services Department at (800) 442-3589.