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Workers’ Compensation Insurance*


The Retail Council’s fully-insured Workers’ Compensation Safety Group* rewards members for safe working environments.

Eligible participants can save 50% or more on their annual premium costs.

The Retail Council of New York State meets the workers’ compensation needs of retailers through Safety Group 493, a program designed to reward employers who maintain a safe working environment.

Substantial Savings
Since Safety Group 493 formed in 1976, we have been helping our eligible members lower their workers’ compensation insurance costs by returning a portion of their premium in the form of annual dividend payments. Although dividends cannot be guaranteed, we have averaged a return of 39% over the past 33 years.

In fact, as part of our most recent 32.5% dividend we returned more than $3.2 million to eligible Safety Group members.

Eligible participants can save 50% or more on their annual premium costs via a combination of the following:

  • Dividends averaging 39% over the life of the group
  • Up-front policy discounts of up to 25%
  • New York State Assessment fee of 10.1%, that's 50% in savings over the industry standard of 20.2%

Our bottom line is significant savings for your business.

More than $97 million in dividends returned to members since 1978!

Dividend History Table*
2011 32.5%
2010 40%
2009 37.5%
2008 37.5%
2007 40%
2006 45%
2005 45%
2004 42.5%
2003 45%
2002 42.5%
*Dividend reflects prior policy year's performance.

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Security and Strength

One of the oldest and most successful safety groups in New York State, the group boasts nearly 1,200 safety-minded retailers and maintains a healthy contingent reserve. While not guaranteed, this entitles group members to anticipate a yearly payment of dividends on a consistent basis.

Exceptional Service
The Council’s in-house team of licensed professionals serves the workers’ compensation insurance needs of retailers of all size. Group members rely on quick and personalized attention in response to all of their questions.

Additionally, you can complement your workers’ compensation insurance policy with the Council’s statutory disability insurance program. Our disability insurance rates are among the lowest available for New York State retailers.

Underwritten by the New York State Insurance Fund. Dividends cannot be guaranteed, but check our dividend history!

*Retail Council of New York State membership required.