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New York State Statutory Disability Insurance

Help your bottom line – enroll in the Retail Council’s disability insurance programs.

New York State Statutory Disability Insurance

We can save you even more on your statutory disability insurance (DBL). The Council, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Retail Council Services Corp.,* works with The Hartford, one of the nation’s leading insurance carriers, to offer our members a true association plan.

Call the Council at (800) 442-3589 for DBL rates and a free quote.

In addition to great savings, other perks of enrolling in the Retail Council’s DBL Program with The Hartford include:

  • Free tax reporting services. The Hartford will withhold and deposit employees’ portions of FICA and federal income taxes, if applicable, and prepare an Annual Summary of Disability Payments. They will also prepare and file employees’ W-2 forms.
  • Manage your DBL program online. Use The Hartford’s secure website to get comprehensive reports on disability activity, claim status, transaction detail and much more.
  • Integrate your DBL with The Hartford’s Group Long-Term Disability Plan. Purchase additional protection from one carrier for service efficiency.

* Retail Council Services Corp. is a licensed insurance agent/broker by the New York State Insurance Department.