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Check Services

The Retail Council helps you accept checks with confidence – thanks to a variety of services offered through our partner, Global Payments Direct, Inc. These services help to prevent losses with this popular payment method.

Affordable check services

  • Check Guarantee
    The Council’s Check Guarantee Service makes accepting a check from a customer with a valid ID as safe as accepting cash. You receive 100% of the face value of checks returned from authorizing banks. There are a variety of features and options available to fit the needs of most retailers.
  • Check Verification
    If you don’t need the full protection of check guarantee you might find our Check Verification Program to be the right fit. Using this service, members have instant access to Global Payments Direct, Inc.'s national database of up-to-the-minute check acceptance information.
  • Check Recovery
    Leave the time-intensive collection services on returned checks to someone else with our Check Recovery Program. With a cost effective and customer-sensitive approach to collections, Global Payment Direct, Inc. uses state-of-the-art dialing systems and data sources that reach check writers.
  • Check Conversion (electronic check)
    Convert paper checks to electronic transactions at the point-of-sale with our Check Conversion Program. Check Conversion is much like credit card processing and improves cash flow, minimizes reconciliation efforts, reduces bank fees and eliminates all returned checks.