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Credit Card Processing

The Retail Council’s Credit Card Processing Program through Global Payments Direct, Inc. is a major force in the processing market. With an annual transaction volume of more than $300 million, we have negotiated preferential processing terms for our members. Our in-house specialists analyze processing statements daily and ensure our members are getting the best deal for their credit card processing. By switching to the Retail Council’s Credit Card Processing Program, you’ll receive: Frequently asked questions

Exceptional Service

Although many claim to provide it, the Council prides itself on delivering superior member service. If you’re a participant in our Credit Card Processing Program, you can count on 24/7 support. Council credit card experts Nicholl Bautochka and Certified Payments Professional Michele Coons regularly talk customers through troubleshooting and help them get new terminals at off-hours on evenings, weekends and even holidays. The Retail Council team is committed to your success.

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