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I Shop NY

I Shop NY. Shop local. It matters.Let the Retail Council become an extension of your marketing team to build awareness of your business, deliver new customers and give incentive for repeat customers to stop in. Our I Shop NY campaign reminds consumers of the importance of supporting local merchants and other businesses.

Retail Council members can add promotions to the campaign website,, which is marketed to consumers via social media, pay-per-click Internet marketing, events and other new and traditional media. Take advantage of the Council’s communication, marketing and PR savvy with this free member benefit.

About I Shop NY
Local businesses are the backbone of our communities. They employ our neighbors, support our tax base and charities, and add vibrancy and variety to our business districts.

The recent recession took a toll on New York State’s business community. Long-time retailers, restaurateurs and other service providers paid the price when consumers tightened their belts and curtailed shopping and dining out.

I Shop NY is all about turning the page — starting right now!

Shop local. Shop NY. Together we can help rejuvenate our local businesses and communities.

“The Retail Council of New York State is the Best! Thank you for stopping by — and for this creative way to help local businesses!”

Shelly Carithers
The Creator’s Hands
Rochester, NY

I Shop NY  is a statewide campaign marketed extensively by the Retail Council primarily using new media and public relations to build communities of support among local business owners and consumers. The goal of I Shop NY is to create a strong statewide business community by turning shoppers on to great local businesses.


I Shop NY Q&A

Q. What sort of promotions will I be able to post on this website? I don’t use traditional discounts to drive sales in my store.

A. The Retail Council is aware businesses carry an endless array of merchandise at different profit margins. You can create any sort of promotion you care to – percentage discounts, buy-one-get-ones or bundles (for example, buy a bicycle get a free helmet). Anything works as long as the customer receives the promotion as advertised on

You could also use I Shop NY to promote a new line of merchandise, a special event or even create a contest for your shoppers to participate in. You know what works best in your business – the Council just wants to provide another platform for you to reach consumers most interested in supporting local businesses.

Q. How do I post promotions and manage them on

A. You will be provided with a Username and Password to access the Member Section of the Retail Council’s website where you will create and manage your promotions. You will be able to edit, add and delete promotions here.

Q. Do I need a website to participate in this campaign?

A. It’s not necessary to have a website to participate in the campaign, but businesses that do will have some cross promotional opportunities. For example, a link to a business’s website could be placed on the campaign site so consumers could click through to shop. Furthermore, businesses that use social media can support the campaign by sharing promotions and links to the campaign site and reposting our Facebook, Twitter and other social media activities.

If your business doesn’t have a website or engage in social media at this time, I Shop NY will give you a basic presence on the campaign website to help you promote your store.

Q. How will consumers purchase the listed promotions?

A. Accompanying your store’s promotions will be a profile of your business, which will include your website, telephone number and address. Consumers will be able to purchase your advertised promotion by ecommerce, mail order or in store. You’ll direct how you want consumers to shop with the information you supply in your store profile.

Q. I have a website, but don’t have an online shopping cart. Can I still participate?

A. Absolutely. Customers interested in purchasing from you can call you to complete the sale by phone. And, of course, customers in your geographic area can stop by the store (and hopefully spend a bit more once you have them in the door!). You’ll direct how consumers can take advantage of promotions with the information you supply in your business’s profile and in the offer description.

Q. What is the Retail Council of New York State?

A. Learn all about the Retail Council here.

Q. Why did the Retail Council create I Shop NY?

A. There are many reasons. First, members asked us to! The inspiration for this campaign started with recommendations from business owners who are members of the Retail Council. Subsequent conversations with other members told us there was interest in such an undertaking.

Furthermore, the Retail Council’s mission is to help member business’ thrive. We know attracting new customers and finding creative ways to get existing customers to shop, dine or utilize your services more frequently is a chief concern. We designed I Shop NY to be an extension of your marketing efforts to potential and repeat customers in an effort to assist you.

Council staff believe the time is right for I Shop NY. There’s a resurgence of interest in supporting local businesses as part of consumers’ total shopping experience. The Retail Council would like to harness consumer support for our members as the economy continues to improve.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please email or call Michelle Bruck ( at the Retail Council of New York State to discuss [(800) 442-3589]. Any and all input is welcome. Thank you.