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Key Membership Benefits

Why Join the Council?

When you join the Retail Council of New York State, you're getting 85 years of experience supporting the retail industry. Here are some of the ways we help you and your business.

1. Exceptional Service

When you call or email with a question or concern, you get a response as soon as possible from one of our dedicated and knowledgeable member service team members. The Retail Council of New York State prides itself on ensuring our members are happy and stay happy. Read member testimonials about the Council and its staff here.

2. Money-Saving Programs and Services

You're always looking for ways to decrease operating costs for your business. The Council offers a variety of programs designed to save owners money like our popular workers’ compensation insurance and credit card processing programs.

3. Government Relations and Advocacy

We represent the retail industry at the New York State Capitol. The Council was formed by an active group of retailers who wanted a voice before state government. Nearly 100 years later, the Council still advocates for the best interests of our members before the state Legislature, governor’s office and state regulatory bodies. Each year, the Council’s government relations team blocks hundreds of bills that would be detrimental to the retail industry in New York State. They also work to advance an agenda created by members who sit on our Legislative Committee. The Council has a powerful, full-time presence before state government.

4. Information


You'll get industry insights, updates on how you can save money and up-to-the minute information on our advocacy efforts before state government through the New York State Retailer, published four times a year, and our e-newsletter, the Retail Link.


The Council encourages members to call with any questions they may have about laws or other aspects to running a business in the Empire State. We’re often able to provide an answer…and when we’re not, we can usually point members to another resource.

To support our workers’ compensation insurance, statutory disability insurance, and credit card processing programs, we have experts on staff to answer questions and resolve problems.

“You’re there in a pinch,” one complimentary member said recently of the Council’s information services.

Members-Only Section

Retail Council members can ask each other questions, post classified ads, post promotions for other members and the public through I Shop NY, watch past Council webinars, get forms and much more through the members-only, password protected member section. Learn more about key features of the Members-Only Section.

5. Strength in Numbers small businesses group buying power

Whether it’s our money-saving programs or advocacy work before state government, it all boils down to strength in numbers. Each time a new business joins our association, the Council gains even more power to negotiate the very best pricing for our programs and services. Together, we have group buying power that most retailers have a hard time realizing all on their own.

...intensifies retail's voice before state government

With hundreds of special interest groups, each with their own agenda, clamoring for the attention of our state-elected officials, it can be difficult for a single voice to break through the clutter. But through strength in numbers, the Council is able to ensure the voices of our members are heard. Our large membership base is one of the reasons why our government relations team always has a seat at the table when legislation of importance to retail is discussed.

To take advantage of the Council’s exceptional programs, services and benefits, call (800) 442-3589 or submit a request for more information.

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