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  • Merchant Services
    Credit Card Processing
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  • Insurance Services
    Workers’ Comp Insurance
    Disability Insurance
    Other Insurance
  • Government Relations
    The Retail Council has strong lobbyists protecting our members’ interests.
  • Marketing Support
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What current members have to say about the Retail Council and our programs and services

“I can’t thank Rich Landau and Jackson Lewis enough for helping me out recently with a problem I had with the Commission on Human Rights. My daughter mistakenly put an ad on Craig’s List asking for a female employee to work at our shop, Mason’s Tennis. My daughter Dana was unaware of the gender discrimination statute in NYS, and we were fined by the Commission and told we had to get a lawyer to explain all the laws involving ads and employee’s rights. We had a session with Rich Landau that was so informative and useful to us going forward, that I wanted to let the Retail Council know that all small businesses should be focused more on these issues. One or two hours with Rich could save many of you thousands of dollars in the long run, so I highly recommend using him.

Mark Mason
Mason’s Tennis
New York, NY

“We had our credit card processing through a bank program and the costs became so high it was difficult to bring in revenue. We shopped around and the Retail Council had the least expensive program out there. They were able to reduce our costs considerably, thanks to their group buying power. We joined the Retail Council just for their processing program but have experienced many more benefits since and have referred many people to the Council!

We also have great DBL rates through the Council. We had an employee on DBL and Ken Rutsky was very good at answering our questions about some potentially problematic situations. He helped us get through that situation.

The Retail Council’s customer service from Michele Coons, Ken Rutsky and everyone on the Council team is phenomenal!

The Council’s newsletter, the Retailer, is paramount in keeping us up to date. It is one of the few things to come across my desk I read cover to cover. It has alerted me to new posting requirements, changes from the Department of Labor among many other updates I don’t get anywhere else.

When we were looking over our budget this year to decide what to keep and what to eliminate, the Retail Council was the first on our list of memberships to keep. We reap way more benefit from our membership than the dues we pay each year.”

Jill Thompson
Office Manager
Joanne Darcy Crum, Land Surveyor
Cobleskill, NY

“We’ve been a Retail Council member for 20 years and have been very pleased. The membership dues have always been well worth the cost. The Retail Council has maintained our low workers’ compensation insurance rates, in addition to the money we’ve received from the Safety Group dividend each year. Whenever we have questions or need additional help we get a response very quickly and our problems always get resolved. I would be surprised to hear anything but positive comments from other Council members.”

Conrad Gordon
Fulton Stores
Brooklyn, NY

“I get calls at least once a month from sales people inquiring about my credit card processing. I always tell them, ‘I’m not interested. I’ve got people.’ Michele and the whole team at the Retail Council provide such great service I won’t consider any other offer. It’s not about the money, it’s about the service.”

Robert DeRoo
Pedallers Bicycle Shop, Ltd.
Rochester, NY

“Everyone who works at the Retail Council is always very, very helpful in answering any questions I have. The Council saves me money with my workers’ compensation and disability insurance and with credit card processing. Whenever Dennis, or anyone else, answers the phone they are always so polite and informative. I would recommend every New York State retailer or other eligible business owner become a member of the Retail Council.”

Bette Lee Meci
AVC Hearing Aid Center
Middletown, NY

“The Retail Council was recommended to me by local business owners who said the Council had the best credit card rates. Their rates are great, and their staff is superb! The member services department at the Retail Council is helpful and honest, friendly and intelligent. I appreciate their sense of integrity, and always feel like they are on my side. In this electronic age, it means a lot to talk to a helpful person, right away, every time.”

Bonnie Poss
Woodstock, NY

“We rely on the Retail Council in our small business. They are invaluable for companies who have no time to research and analyze where we can save the most on business services. The Retail Council does the research so we don’t have to. The newsletter keeps us up-to-date on things that affect us. We are pleased and satisfied with the credit card processing program and are looking into their other money-saving programs.”

David Bergan
Bergan’s Men’s Shop
Syracuse, NY

"We commend Ken Rutsky and the Retail Council for absolutely efficient and courteous service. We received a replacement terminal in less than 24 hours. Our membership in the Retail Council has paid for itself many times over. You are a great group!"

Emanuel Molho
French & European Publications, Inc.
New York, NY

“I like the newsletter that comes out and enjoy reading the articles in it. It keeps us up to date on things we should know. We appreciate the insurance programs that we participate in. The Council’s work on behalf of retailers in the legislature is also very important. We have to have a representative.”

Jay Musler
Schenectady, NY


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