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About I Shop NY

Local businesses are the backbone of our communities. They employ our neighbors, support our tax base and charities, and add vibrancy and variety to our business districts.

The recent recession took a terrible toll on New York State’s business community. Long-time retailers, restaurateurs and other service providers just couldn’t make ends meet when consumers tightened their belts and curtailed shopping and dining out.

I Shop NY is all about turning around the sad statistics we hear every day — starting right now!

Shop local. It matters. Together we can help rejuvenate our communities and the state.

While a handful of national movements, local chambers of commerce and business improvement districts have similar programs, this is a statewide campaign marketed extensively by the Retail Council primarily using new media and public relations to build communities of support among small business owners and consumers. In essence, we hope to be an extension of our members’ marketing efforts to build awareness of your businesses, deliver new customers and give incentive for repeat customers to stop in.