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How to post a promotion on I Shop NY

Members create and manage promotions for I Shop NY in the Member Section of the Retail Council's website at

This password-protected site is accessed using a Username and Password. All Retail Council members were supplied with this information in December by email and U.S. mail. If you did not receive your login credentials, please contact Michelle Bruck at (800) 442-3589 or

With your Username and Password handy, log in to the Member Section at Watch this video to learn how.

Once in the Member Section, update your profile and watch this video on how to create store promotions. This video also incorporates how to create classified ads in the Member Section, another useful feature. Creating store promotions for I Shop NY is very easy and doesn't take much time.

Other Member Section Features

You can do much more than create store promotions and classifed ads in the Member Section. For the first time, members are able to connect and communicate with other members directly. Through profiles, members can choose to list as much or as little contact information as they desire. This information will allow members to support each other’s stores and collaborate.

Discussion Forums allow members to post questions or offer advice on any business topic and get feedback from other members. Members can also listen to Council webinars, gain access to forms and information for other Council programs, read past issues of our newsletters and much more. We encourage you to log in and give the Member Section a test drive!