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Retail Council statement on Governor Cuomo’s minimum wage announcement

Retail Council of New York State President and CEO Ted Potrikus today issued the following statement on today’s announcement from Governor Cuomo calling for a legislated statewide minimum wage that would reach $15/hour:

Governor Cuomo could not have been more clear in January that a minimum wage increase stood among his highest priorities.  He put on the table what we thought to be a reasonable and responsible legislative proposal, and we supported it at that time.

Retailers are concerned about the effect of a $15-an-hour threshold on the industry’s ability to create and provide jobs. We acknowledge, though, that all workers deserve a level playing field.


The proposal as we understand it provides a ramp for employers to prepare for the new wage. It looks to be a longer-term extrapolation of the proposals we have supported in the past, and we appreciate Governor Cuomo’s continued consideration of the need for a practical statewide legislative response to what can be a highly-charged issue.

We see value in the Governor’s proposal and look forward to continuing our dialogue with him on this issue.