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Kron Chocolatier: Chocolate Bar-tenders

Marnie Ives, co-owner

Marnie Ives, co-owner of Kron Chocolatier in Great Neck, N.Y.

Kron Chocolatier
24 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck Plaza
Great Neck, New York 11021
(516) 829-5550
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I challenge anyone to walk in to Kron Chocolatier in Great Neck, N.Y. and not immediately crave chocolate. You're not only surrounded by the smell of homemade goodness, but everything is so nicely packaged and presented you'll have a tough time deciding in which chocolate you should indulge.

Kron Truffles inside box

A peek inside the box of Kron's best selling Budapest Truffles

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Marnie Ives and her sister Wendy Einzig bought the business in 1998. Read more about Kron's history in our 2010 Member Spotlight. They make everything by hand, including all the chocolate, cupcakes, cookies, plus they create and arrange all their trays, baskets and gifts. Their best selling Budapest Truffles are still made from the original Kron Hungarian family recipe. We sampled the truffles and had no doubt after the first bite why they're a favorite.

"The way we do our chocolates here, it's more of a technique thing than an ingredient thing," explained Marnie. "The Budapest Truffle is a refrigerated truffle where we whip the butter and cream by hand, add dark chocolate, then they're hand cut and rolled in cocoa powder."

Kron chocolate closeup

A close-up of one of Kron Chocolatier's chocolate baskets

Kron Chocolatier does a lot of corporate gifts business, including large medical and legal groups that send out chocolate gifts to individual doctors and lawyers -- there is even a place on their website where you can upload an Excel spreadsheet so you don't have to input each name and address one at a time.

Marnie and Wendy also serve a lot of regular customers who come in often and get the same treats each time. Just like a chocolate bartender, Marnie said she puts their favorite chocolate treat on the counter before they're even through the door.

It's definitely worth the trip, if you're in the Great Neck, N.Y. area, to visit the shop in person. Or you can just imagine how good those chocolates smell as you order from their website Enjoy!